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Looking for RC Helicopter in Singapore or RC Toy in Singapore? Or for that matter, even if you are not in Singapore, fret not because you can just order your RC hobby craft from us online!

At Helicopter Smartfly, we sell a range of radio / remote controlled helicopters and monster trucks to meet the needs for your RC hobbies. Our range of RC helicopters consists of ready to fly / RTF radio control helis out of the box. You can conveniently order your RC helicopter and RC toys online with us whether you are in Singapore or other countries, and we’ll have them delivered to you.

We also provide repair services and of spare parts support exclusively for products purchased from Helicopter Smartfly; from the smallest indoor flying ones to the advanced big outdoor models. If you are undecided which radio control helicopter to buy, you might be interested in reading our informative radio controlled rc helicopter guide.

Start flying the smart way with Helicopter Smartfly today!