Drones - Precision Piloting Workshop
Drones - Precision Piloting Workshop
Drones - Precision Piloting Workshop
Drones - Precision Piloting Workshop

Drones - Precision Piloting Workshop

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Our annual December holidays drone workshop is back! Learn how to build your own drone and basic piloting skills to steer through obstacles. Book your slot with us now or call us at 64745770. Limited seats due to safe distancing measures.
Target Audience : 7 years old & above (Some basic piloting experience required)
Dates : Every Wednesday of December
Time : 2.00 - 6.00pm
Venue : The Cage at Kallang
Price : $180/pax 


Drones... these flying robots ignite a fascination in people like nothing else, because mankind has coveted mastery of the skies since the dawn of time.  The freedom of flight opens up new vistas to explore for corporations and individuals alike.  This new world, with its vast possibilities, bleeding edge technologies and still-evolving landscape, can often be challenging to navigate. 

This 4 hour workshop is designed for all learners who have an interest in the topic of drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAV for short).  Basic drone piloting experience is preferred.

The objective of this course is to equip learners with the basic knowledge and skills on drone piloting and explore the a few different types of drones available in the market.

Topics covered include:  fundamental drone piloting, the basic principles and technology of how drones work, drone applications, and Singapore drone regulations. 

Target Audience

Anyone who is keen to learn more about unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) aka drones


By the end of this lesson, learners are able to 

  • Explain the basic principles and technologies underlying drone flight and operation
  • Relate and describe examples of drone usage for industry and recreation
  • Apply Singapore drone laws and regulations in typical operational scenarios
  • Operate a camera drone and perform intermediate flight maneuvers
  • Operation of various types of UAV drones
  • Precision piloting through obstacles


4 hours  (2pm - 6pm)