Practical FPV Drone Course for Beginners

$450.00 (SGD)
1)  COURSE TITLE:  Practical FPV Drone Course for Beginners
2)  COURSE DURATION:  2 days (10:00AM to 5:15PM each day)
3)  BASIC PRICE:  S$450.00/person (no GST payable)
4) Min Pax : 4 pax to start
This course is intended for beginners or novices with basic drone flying skills who wish to explore building and flying their own racing/freestyle FPV drones.  Participants will be taught both theoretical and practical aspects of basic FPV drone building and piloting.  The class is fully hands-on and learners will experience building a typical FPV race/freestyle drone with their own hands. 
In addition, participants will be introduced to FPV flight skills using simulators, as well as how to configure and tune high performance drones with popular industry-standard software.  Other important areas, such as charging FPV drone batteries, FPV drone safety and practical field use considerations will also be covered to give a comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of FPV drones. 
By the end of the course, each participant would have learnt how to build a typical FPV race/freestyle drone, how to configure and tune it, basic FPV piloting (race/freestyle) and be familiar with the important theoretical concepts affecting wireless FPV and radio control for this type of drone.
- private airconditioned training room
- all consumable materials required for the course (eg. heatshrink, solder, wick, flux, wires…etc)
- usage of all tools required for the course (eg. soldering iron, multimeter, cutters, tweezers, clamps…etc)
- usage of drone parts for learning/practising drone building skills (eg. flight controllers, ESCs, VTx, motors…etc)
- usage of laptop computer(s) and software for learning/practising drone software related skills
- usage of FPV simulator for learning/practising FPV flight skills
- usage of FPV goggles, cameras, transmitters, receivers, measurement tools for learning/practising FPV-related skills
- usage of 2.4GHz radio control transmitters and receivers for learning/practising RC-related topics
- usage of lipo batteries, battery chargers, power meters and other power related equipment