92 pcs Magnetic Blocks

92pcs magnetic blocks 1
$79.90 (SGD)

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Why use magnetic blocks?

Magnetic Building Blocks are highly educational toys, it is safe for children even as young as one year old. Each block is carefully designed to be child-friendly. In fact, these are not heavy and its edges are not sharp so your kids won’t get hurt when they are playing with it. Since these are made with durable non-toxic plastic materials or woods, these won’t get them at risk even when they put these on their mouth. These are easy to clean and it offers a multicolor design that is very attractive for children to play with.

Benefits of Building Blocks for Toddlers and Kids

The game process of building magnetic blocks are a powerful learning tool for kids as it helps improve their mental and physical skills. Their multiple intelligence is developed while they enjoy playing this toy. The following are just some of the wonderful benefits your kids can get even at an early age.

  1. Language development
  2. Increase creativity
  3. Promotes thinking and problem-solving skills
  4. Promotes social skills
  5. Promote motoric skills
  6. Color recognition and Visual-Spatial Reasoning