82 pcs Magnetic Blocks

82pcs magnetic blocks 1
$69.90 (SGD)

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The blocks help to build patience, focus, and confidence

It may surprise to see your toddler so riveted by a toy, but that is the effect of the magnetic building blocks. Because of the need to build something and see it to completing, it will command your child’s attention and in turn, help the child to build focus and develop patience. Completing the task will give the child a sense of accomplishment and motivation and also help to build confidence.

The blocks improve coordination

Clumsiness in most toddlers is a given, after all, they have only just started to make use of their legs and hands in a meaningful way. The process of aligning the pieces helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and to learn how to grip objects and bring them together correctly. It develops your child’s overall motor skills.

Magnetic blocks are suitable for learning, and they improve every aspect of your child from the way the child thinks to the way the child moves. They help your toddler to think for themselves to develop interests of their own; they assist in strengthening the child’s body dynamic intelligence. When your toddler assembles these magnetic building blocks into a variety of shapes, they stimulate the part of the brain responsible for intelligent design and creativity.