Promo Price @ $80 Monster Truck 6668 1:8 scale

$80.00 (SGD)


 Ready to Race, Ready to Rock, Ready to Rumble!

New Arrival!!! A leader in the monster trucks league. High speed with working headlights, movable doors for your driver and passenger to hop into this robust and tough-looking monster. Able to cross all rough terrain with its 4 wheel drive train and suspensions. This monster truck is absolutely amazing. You take it out of the box, charge the battery and off it goes… the best deal toward the absolute beginner which offer easy control and decent performance right out of the box at the most affordable price!

  • Easy controls, great for a beginner
  • Fantastic power and speed
  • Tough, takes a beating – “If you want to off-road, go fast, jump, bash, and don’t care about racing, GET THIS ONE!!! “
  •  It tolerates a lot of wear and tear,
  • The tires have deep tread with good grip; on pavement, they’re fine, but on dirt, they really shine. It can tolerate quite a bit of water – wet pavement, rain – just don’t go dumping it in the pool. Crash it, jump it, run it, do whatever that devil on your shoulder is telling you to do. It’s fun, darn it.


Package :

– 1 x car

– 1 x radio-controlled transmitter

– 1 x 9v battery (for transmitter)

– 1 x rechargeable Ni-Cd 9.6V 1000mAh battery

– 1 x antennae

– 1 x 110-240V AC/DC adapter

– 1 x instruction manual

• Length : 48 cm
• Width : 30 cm
• Height : 30 cm
• Frequency : 35MHz
• Channel: 4 Channel
• Range: 15 – 20m
• Playing time: about 15 minutes
• Charge time: 1 hour (First charge : 4 hours)
• Car batteries: Ni-Cd 9.6V 700mAh battery (included)
• Transmitter battery : 9V
• Charge Adapter: AC 100-240V
• Colours : Tri Colour Orange/Black/White

Functions/Specifications :

– 4 wheel drive

– Equipped with realistic sounds when car is started.

– 6 way stunt off road car

– 5 double sparkling red/blue LED lights

– Equipped with unique sole shaking protection device

– Suspension with non-pressure lowering control device

– Feel the lifelikeness of cross country and high speed driving power

– Equipped with differential wheels to prevent under/over steer.

Packaging Size : 59cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 34cm (H)